Taco De Pastor - 3 Pax
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Pork Collar marinated in our Pastor sauce and roasted with a bit of singe - Makes 15 Tacos

Influenced by the Lebanese culture, Pastor took a twist in the 20s when Mexicans gave it their own touch. Originally the dish was cooked with Lamb in a Shawarma and we changed it for Pork, added few different traditional spices like achiote, and put it in a "Trompo" like a rotisserie. We are proud of our culture and its roots. It's amazing how cuisine evolves after time, and the best part is, you get to try it!

What's inside a Taco De Pastor - 3 Pax:
  • Corn Tortilla: 15 count
  • Frijoles: 240 g
  • Grilled Pineapple: 110 g
  • Lime: 2 count
  • Pastor Pork: 375 g
  • Pickled Onion Pastor: 2 count
  • Salsa Rojo: 180 ml
  • Totopos Small: 2 count
NOTE: The pictures are of the actual dish you will receive but might not accurately depict the full size of the dish. Please refer to the list above to get the correct dish size information.
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Reviews for Taco De Pastor - 3 Pax:

What a meal that was!! Perfection.

John Siteme | 02 Mar, 21