Cochinita Pibil - 2 Pax
£ 25

Pork Chunks marinated in special Pibil sauce and super slow cooked - Makes 10 Tacos

The origins of this delicacy date back to pre-Hispanic times, in the state of Yucatán, Mexico. Back then this dish was prepared as an offering for important celebrations, mainly for the Day of the Dead known as Hanal Pixán. Now you too can enjoy it as they did ages ago!

What's inside a Cochinita Pibil - 2 Pax:
  • Cebolla Curtida: 1 count
  • Corn Tortilla: 10 count
  • Frijoles: 160 g
  • Lime: 1 count
  • Pork Pibil: 300 g
  • Salsa Rojo: 120 ml
  • Totopos Small: 1 count
NOTE: The pictures are of the actual dish you will receive but might not accurately depict the full size of the dish. Please refer to the list above to get the correct dish size information.
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